I’m a UX designer & researcher, passionate about creative problem-solving, learning, storytelling and creating outstanding human-centered experiences guided by research and business needs.

"Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains."

— Steve Jobs
Mobile phone showing the splash screen of the app "philoxenía" and the words "Welcome to the Homestay Community for Digital Nomads"

philoxenía End-To-End UX Design

Product Design • User Research • UX/UI
Development of a mid-term homestay booking app for digital nomads from scratch.

Mobile phone showing the sign up/login screen of the app "duolyrics" with the slogan "Unlocking language through music"

duolyrics UX Research

Usability Testing • UX Research • UX Audit
User research, competitive analysis and testing the MVP of an app for learning a language through music.

Homepage of the German recruitment agency Interpers showing the CTA "We solve its shortage of skilled workers" on the left and a photo of a nurse, smiling, on the right

Interpers Website Redesign

Web Design • Branding • UX/UI
Website redesign and rebranding of a German recruitment agency for medical professionals.

Powerpoint slide featuring a photo of a group of Filipino nurses with an elderly couple, a map of the Philippines and a map of Germany and the words "Vielen Dank - Salamat" (Thank you)

CarePers Course Design

Learning Experience Design •  Instructional Design
Design of a 600-hour German language course for Filipino nurses in order to pass an official state exam.

Mobile screen showing a high-fidelity prototype of the app "GalleryPal" featuring photos of various museums nearby and the CTA "Start visit"

Gallery Pal GV Design Sprint

Design Sprint • Usability Testing • UX/UI
Conducting a modified GV design sprint to help museum visitors have a more profound experience.

Girl with headphones and glasses sitting in front of a laptop and designing, a cat is sitting on the table and is looking at the screen

Can I help you with something?

My love for researching and analyzing user behavior can be directly traced back to my academic background in Social Sciences and Humanities. Understanding the implications of my design decisions and assuring that every aesthetic choice makes functional sense in the greater story of the final product, fills me with a great feeling of satisfaction.

My expertise lies in habit formation, education and knowledge acquisition. Through my work experience as a learning experience designer, I'm used to working remotely and in international, multilingual environments. It also taught me how to structure and conceptualize educational materials and online courses with a holistic, human-centered approach and nowadays, I enjoy teaching and mentoring budding UX designers.

I’ve studied and worked in 5 different countries, traveled in many more, and speak 6 different languages (German, English, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Spanish). I wouldn’t be the UX designer that I am today without the intercultural sensibilities I’ve picked up throughout my many travels. Or without coffee, for that matter.

Nora Goerne sitting on a chair and smiling directly into the camera

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