Project Overview

Role: UX & Web Designer
Duration: January 2020 - ongoing (ca. 100 hours)
Methods: Audit, Competitive Analysis, Branding, SEO, Web Design, Information Architecture
Tools: Pen & paper, Figma, Webflow, Miro, Google Analytics, Contao

The Challenge

Interpers is a young German startup providing medical institutions with various ways to address their nurse staffing issues. They approached me because their website wasn't showing up in searches and to update some of the content. It soon turned out that their website didn't only have SEO issues but also didn't convey their message effectively.

The Solution

I redesigned and developed a new website from scratch based on my competitive analysis and an updated branding strategy. The new website received lots of positive feedback from the startup but also from their clients and industry professionals.

The Brief

After the stakeholder interviews, I wrote a project brief to keep everyone on the same page. The goals were:

  • More reach and traffic
  • Show a clear overview of the services and the process

The challenge here was that the startup is offering several solutions to the labor shortage and all solutions follow a different process and have different advantages. The website should create trust and encourage HR managers to reach out to the startup so that any questions could be clarified in a follow-up conversation.

Analyzing & Comparing

I started by conducting an audit of the current website. In the audit, I looked at usability, SEO, performance, security and the overall design.

Some of the key issues were:

  • Long page loading time
  • No SEO strategy (no XML-sitemap, no meta descriptions, no tools for analytics, ...)
  • No favicon
  • Texts too long and hard to skim
  • Texts too general
  • No clear call to action

Afterwards, I researched direct and indirect competitors and examined strengths and weaknesses of their respective websites. Among others, I looked at how competitors present the information and which strategies they use to build trust with prospective customers.

Branding Strategy

After gathering inspiration, I reviewed the current style and branding. While the startup was following some guidelines I noticed that these were not based on a strategy or brand identity. Therefore, I conducted a branding exercise to help us understand the message they wanted to convey.

In the exercise, we identified the following values:

  • Uncomplicated
  • Young
  • International
  • Experts
  • Strong moral values

Following this exercise, I updated the branding guidelines. While I didn't change the logo nor the main colors, I replaced the font "Noto Sans Serif" with the serif font "Domine" for headers to show sophistication. I also simplified the color palette, excluding the pastel orange that was used as image an overlays and as a background color.


Due to time pressure, we decided to only design the main pages of the website. The previous website included a page called "Downloads" where visitors could download an information leaflet. For a better user experience, we removed this section and decided on four main pages:

  • Start page
  • Services (divided into two subpages)
  • About us
  • Contact

I started by sketching out different version of the welcome page. The previous start page didn't have a call to action and the hero section felt cluttered because the text was overlaying the face of the person on the hero image. Therefore, I replaced the background image with a header, short text and button on the left and a new stock photo on the right. The redesign includes more text but also a clear call to action.

I included a section with references on the start page and a section with previous clients and partners on the About page to create trust. I also collaborated with the founder of the startup to refine the texts and present their services in a format that would be detailed but still easy to skim.


The previous website was using the open source CMS Contao, which was cumbersome to customize and update. Therefore, I decided to develop the new version of the website with Webflow.

Visit the live website here.

Key Takeaways

In this project, I learned a lot about how to structure content to make it easily digestible. I also realized how important it is to have a strategy before starting to sketch out solutions. Especially in this case, the competitive analysis and branding exercise allowed me to gather inspiration and find a clear individual style for the redesign.

While an iterative design process might not be necessary for a simple static website it is important to measure key metrics. Therefore, it's important to monitor the analytics and adapt accordingly to optimize the website for higher conversions.

After finishing the initial version of the website in March 2020, I was approached again by Interpers in May to reflect a change in services and attract new clients.

Client Reference

"I've been working with Nora since 2015 on various projects and always had a very good impression of the quality of her work. Our last project was the re-design of the website of my startup Interpers.                      
Interpers GmbH recruits highly qualified international personnel to work in Germany as professional nurses, doctors, and IT specialists. Since the recruitment process is quite complex it is extremely important to convey the information professionally as well as effectively.
Nora's work made a huge difference in this regard. She helped us to improve and restructure everything from scratch. Our previous website was cluttered, didn't convert and we were not able to implement small text changes ourselves. Thanks to Nora, we, as a young startup, refined our brand identity through personal guidance, branding workshops, and the development of our new website which ultimately led to a substantial increase of leads. The combination of her enthusiasm, her fast working pace, and her structured approach made it a great pleasure to work with her and make me very keen to continue this fruitful collaboration for years to come."

— Andreas Schick (CEO Interpers GmbH)